Lavender fair in Hida Kiyomi


Lavender fair in Hida Kiyomi
Lavender in full bloom – NOW! (Late June to Mid July)

There are a parks featuring lavender flowers: the Kiyomi Lavender Park. It takes about 15 minutes from our hotel by car. Lavender flowers has bloomed, releasing a relaxing fragrance that floats through the air. The whole area is suffused with their heady scent.During Lavender fair,visitors are able to have experience making goods and to purchase lavender products.

Lavender fair in Hida Kiyomi
The Kiyomi Lavender Park
Fair Hours: 9 am.- 5 pm.
Sat., June 29, Sun., June 30, Sat., July 06, Sun., July 07, Sat., July 13, Sun., July 14, Mon., July 16.

Admission: Free

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