Tranquil place and time

Passing through the gate with flaming torches,

a stone pavement leads you to the entrance hall.

Once you enter the building, you will see the entire homely premises

featuring keyaki Japanese Zelkova timber.

It feels like a Japanese folk house with a traditional hearth area and

courtyard containing a pond with nisikigoi fish.

These surrounds make you feel comfortable and relaxed.


Observe the artistic pieces of Hida craftsmanship
The lobby is decorated with abundant natural keyaki timber in the traditional gassho-style. The beams with no nails are regarded highly for their architectural value. They are evidence of skilful local craftsmen who exclusively work on temples.


Japanese taste
Enjoy a relaxing and precious time while viewing the nishikigoi fish in the pond at the courtyard.


Hospitality at a Japanese folk house
Once you arrive at Iiyama, you proceed to our Japanese hearth area at the end of the lobby. Have a welcome drink while you gently recover from the trip.