Five reasons to stay at Iiyama

Ideal secluded ryokan for adults

As an annex of Hanaougi, Iiyama is a more secluded retreat with a limited number of guest rooms. Our guests have a peaceful and private time as if they are staying at a local traditional residence in Hida Takayama. It is ideal for a couple seeking a romantic gateway or guests who want to experience genuine Hida Takayama.

Hida Takayama's unique timber architecture

The architecture of Iiyama features Japanese famous woods such as Jjindai keyaki Japanese Zelkova, Jindai sugi Japanese Cedar and Yoshino sugi Japanese Cedar. A good example of this is a Gassho-style lobby that uses a huge keyaki tree whose diameter reaches one meter. It is said that trees have a natural relaxing "fluctuation effect" like breeze and sun light. Have an enjoyable evening and rest in the surrounds of homely timbers.


Natural hot spring whose rich quality is like a beauty serum

We are very proud of our hot springs. They are one of the few hot springs among the local accommodations, that hot spring facilities and its source are owned by the same owner. The spring water gushes from 1200m underground and it's a sodium hydrogen carbonate spring. If you touch your skin in the spring, you will feel a smooth silky texture. The spring is very good for your skin like a rich beauty serum. The big public baths for men and for women will be swapped in the evening and morning, so that you can enjoy two different baths during your stay. At the private open air bath for your room, you will experience the same quality hot spring.

hot spring

Heart warming hospitality

Iiyama always values ryokan traditional hospitality, so that a serving lady will take care of a group of guests from arrival to departure. This type of service is becoming less common these days, however, we believe we can develop deeper bonds with our guests by doing so. We have received a number of comments from guests. "We were pleased that one serving lady looked after us throughout our stay." "I was touched that our serving lady waved at us until we were out of sight."

Premium Hida beef on the Japanese hearth

Our selected beef supplier brings the finest quality Hida beef to us. The local Hida beef is famous for its marbling pattern but has no extra fat, and its texture is so soft it almost melts in your mouth. Hida beef steak will be cooked at your preference.