Comfortable natural timber


The architecture of Iiyama features
Japanese famous woods such as Jjindai keyaki Japanese Zelkova,
Jindai sugi Japanese Cedar and Yoshino sugi Japanese Cedar.
A good example of this is a Gassho-style lobby that uses a huge
keyaki tree whose diameter reaches one meter.
It is said that trees have a natural relaxing
"fluctuation effect" like breeze and sun light.
Have an enjoyable evening and rest in the surrounds of homely timbers.

Natural bounty of the Northern Alps in the heart of Takayama.


Local food at a Japanese open hearth

Finest quality Hida beef
produced in the local natural environment.
Explore Hida Takayama's seasonal food experience
at a Japanese open hearth.

jindai hot spring


Ideal hot spring for the beauty

Natural hot spring for
very silky skin

Private secluded retreat

Iiyama proudly offers a secluded ryokan experience
limited to 15 guest rooms.