【乗鞍スカイライン 5/15より開通!】


【乗鞍スカイライン 5/15より開通!】


・5・6・10月 … 7:00~18:00
・7・8・9 月 … 3:30~18:00



Mt. Norikura

May 15 (until snow falls)
Opening of access to Mt. Norikura – Nyukawa Town, Takayama city

The mountains on the eastern edge of Takayama city are amoung the most beautiful in Japan. Located in the Chubu Mountains National Park, the can be reached by public transport.Take a bus or taxi to the Hirayu bus terminal or Akandana one and transter to a bus that follows the Norikura Skyline Road. This will bring you close to the summit of the mountain called Norikura-dake(3,026m).

[Regulation of Vehicles on the Norikura-Dake (Mt. Norikura) skyline]
It takes about 40 minutes from Takayama bus terminal of Nohi Bus to HONOKI-DAIRA bus terminal by route bus.
In order to protect the natural surrounkings of Mt. Norikura, we ask for your cooperation when using the Norikura Skyline.

*This restriction does not apply to buses (including mini buses with a capacity of more than 10 passenger), limousine taxis or bicycle.

飛騨乗鞍観光協会(Hida-Norikura Tourist Association)